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Why ExaGrid Hyperconverged Backup is intelligent

ExaGrid knows that deduplication is required, but how you implement it changes everything in the backup. Data deduplication reduces storage requirements and bandwidth for replication. However, if it is not implemented correctly, backups, restores and VM starts will be slowed down drastically and the backup window will get bigger with increasing amounts of data. This is due to the fact that data deduplication is very computationally intensive. You do not want to perform deduplication during the backup window, nor do you want to restore deduplicated data or boot from a pool.

use cases

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Physical environments

Up to 32 devices can be combined and adjusted in a single scale-out system.

An ExaGrid system can be scaled to 2 PB in a single system.

ExaGrid can protect up to 16 data centers in a hub-and-spoke topology with cross-site replication

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Virtual environments

ExaGrid's unique approach enables all virtualized backup functions to be performed quickly, as ExaGrid maintains a full copy of the latest full VM backups in their complete, unduplicated form in an integrated landing zone, eliminating the need for time-consuming data rehydration for each request.

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Distributed data center locations

ExaGrid supports replication between distributed data centers.

ExaGrid supports up to 16 data centers in a group with 15 locations at one hub.

ExaGrid supports replication between sites.

All systems are managed regardless of their location via a single user interface with Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox.

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Private cloud disaster recovery

ExaGrid supports up to 16 large data centers in a cross protection group with a master hub and 15 locations.

Over 50% of ExaGrid customers removed the tape both on-site and off-site using an on-site ExaGrid system for local backups and restores, and then replicated to an ExaGrid in a second location as a second data center for disaster recovery.

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Hybrid cloud disaster recovery

All service providers offer the following benefits for the DR outside the location:

● ExaGrid target systems belong to you
      Third party providers and are operated by this
● There are additional security layers for the
      Data transmission, data access security
      and security at rest.
● Pay with this pay-as-you-use model
      Business per month to GB.

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Public cloud disaster recovery

A virtual ExaGrid that runs in AWS on an EC2 instance takes the replicated data and stores it in S3 or S3 IA.

The primary physical ExaGrid site replicates only deduplicated data for WAN efficiency to the virtual ExaGrid in AWS.

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