Hybrid Cloud Disaster Recovery 

ExaGrid Hybrid Cloud-Service  

Many organizations prefer not to have their own disaster recovery site (DR) because:

●   You don't have a data center for DR in a second location.

●   You don't want to rent space in a hosting facility or purchase and operate the DR site

●   I don't want to buy capital goods and prefer to pay a monthly fee per GB as an operating
   expense over a capital expense.

ExaGrid has partnered with third parties to offer an ExaGrid hybrid cloud service. These vendors have racks of ExaGrid systems in their data centers so customers can replicate from their local ExaGrid system to an ExaGrid system that is owned and operated by either the third party or the customer. The third party can be a true cloud service provider or the reseller chosen by the customer.

All service providers offer the following benefits for the DR outside the location:

●   ExaGrid target systems are owned and operated by a third party. You are in a data center
   with high quality, speed and availability.

●   There are additional security layers for data transmission, data access security and security
   at rest.

●   With this pay-as-you-use model, companies pay to GB per month.

This is how it works in a typical scenario. The customer purchases an ExaGrid system for their on-site data center to secure and maintain local storage for quick backups and local restores. The on-site ExaGrid system replicates data to an external ExaGrid system, which is located at the third party, which enables data to be restored over the WAN, and provides a recovery mechanism for the export appliance. Most third-party vendors enable data recovery over the WAN and can only send the ExaGrid system to your company's physical DR location using only your company's data.