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Protects and manages your domain as a service.
We provide you with a clear reporting and advise you on your digital resilience.

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Cyber Risk Rating your Domaine
"By 2022, cyber security ratings will become as important as credit ratings when assessing the risk of business relationships." - Gartner


We provide advice, solve the problems that endanger you, and give you an insight into your own resilience to malicious actors.


We proactively monitor and send alerts when a change occurs that threatens your business. So you are always aware of potential threats.

To solve

We provide detailed monthly (management) reports and solve all the problems we discover so you are always up to date.
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Managed Cyber Resilience

Our enterprise service is based on a combination of expertise and manual effort. We use several software tools.
We always check all results three times with our consultants.
With the enterprise service we manage together your cyber risk and relieve you
and her team.
We conduct quarterly health checks, provide you with weekly insight reports, and help you to maintain compliance with known frameworks such as ISO 27001: 2005.
Overall, we use over 86 data points and over 10 different factors
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With a simple overview we show you your score and the most urgent problems as well as a period of 30 days (history overview with your industry average)

 Network Security
    Recognize unsafe network settings
    Detect insecure DNS configurations and vulnerabilities
● Patching from Cadence
    Deprecated assets of the company that may contain vulnerabilities or risks
● Endpoint security
    Measuring the safety level of employee workplaces
● IP-Reputation
    Detect suspicious activity such as malware or spam on your corporate network
● Application security
    Detect common security vulnerabilities in Web site applications
Cubit Score
    Algorithms to verify the implementation of common best-practice security methods
Hacker Chatter
    Monitor hacker sites on Chatter through your company
 Information leak
    Potentially confidential company information that may have leaked accidentally
● Social Development
    Measuring a company's awareness of a social engineering or phishing attack

FREE check:

Cyber Risk Rating of your Domaine

You will receive from us the current security classification of your domain as a summary. (PDF)

Using a simple point scale (0-100), you can find your own risk area.

An Example of a total report (42 pages) can be made available to you.

Interested parties please contact us via the contact form.

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