How Does Endpoint Protector Help Protect Your Data on Amazon WorkSpaces?

08.07.2020 09:07:09 In Endpoint Protector (EPP)
Desktop-as-a-Service solutions such as Amazon WorkSpaces promise improved enterprise security, as there is no sensitive data on end-users’ devices.

KEXTless DLP for macOS Big Sur

01.07.2020 08:46:35 In Endpoint Protector (EPP)
While the new extensions were used in parallel with kernel extensions until now, macOS Catalina 10.15.4 will officially begin deprecating KEXTs.

ExaGrid ist Tiered Backup Storage

19.06.2020 00:50:54 In ExaGrid
ExaGrid verfügt über mehr als 10.000 installierte Systeme bei Kunden auf der ganzen Welt.

PDF-Lösungen für Unternehmen

10.06.2020 07:24:24 In facePDF
Personenbezogene Daten, die gemäß der DSGVO geschützt werden müssen, sind alle Informationen zu einer Person, die anhand dieser Daten identifiziert werden können, wie z. B. Namen, Adresse, Beruf usw. Zu den sensiblen Daten gehören Informationen wie rassische Herkunft, sexuelle Orientierung, politische Meinungen usw.

What’s New in Endpoint Protector

10.06.2020 04:03:40 In Endpoint Protector (EPP)
With the latest version of Endpoint Protector, it is possible to inspect network traffic at an endpoint level, as well as to set more granular policies and to better protect your data even in remote working cases.

How Endpoint Protector Helps Credit Unions Secure Their Data

15.06.2020 00:10:03 In Endpoint Protector (EPP)
As a financial institution, credit unions regularly collect, process, and store the personal and financial information of their customers.

Why Deploying an Endpoint DLP is More Important Than Ever

05.06.2020 11:22:20 In Endpoint Protector (EPP)
As remote work has become the new normal at least for the foreseeable future, the vulnerabilities of endpoints are clearer than ever before.

Why You Need DLP for Your Risk Assessment

22.06.2020 03:29:31 In Endpoint Protector (EPP)
Companies looking to outsource data processing or hire third parties for various services have also begun requesting risk assessments as part of their vetting process.

Endpoint Protector Update

12.05.2020 03:59:18 In Endpoint Protector (EPP)
Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)-Funktionalität, die für Windows-, MacOS- und Linux-Computer verfügbar

Retention Time-Lock für Ransomware-Wiederherstellung

08.05.2020 04:31:00 In ExaGrid
Der einzigartige Ansatz von ExaGrid heißt Retention Time-Lock.
Es verhindert das Hacker die Backups und Aufbewahrungspunkte Löschen. Das Ergebnis ist eine starke Daten Schutz- und Wiederherstellungslösung zu sehr niedrigen Storagekosten.

Remote Workforce Data Security Tips during COVID-19

04.05.2020 03:19:05 In Endpoint Protector (EPP)
Organizations falling under the scope of data protection regulations and standards like PCI DSS, HIPAA or GLBA, have now been forced to reconsider their stance on remote work and have begun adopting it as a strategy across the board.

Remote Work Data Security Tips for the Tech Sector

14.05.2020 08:42:47 In Endpoint Protector (EPP)
IT departments, in particular, have felt the pressure of having to implement company-wide remote work strategies. These can come with particular challenges in the tech sector where employees often use specialized software, multiple operating systems and regularly process massive amounts of sensitive data.

The Best Endpoint Protector Features for macOS

18.05.2020 03:08:24 In Endpoint Protector (EPP)
With its solid Unix-based architecture and native encryption options, macOS running devices have long been considered more secure than their Windows running counterparts.

What is Data Loss Prevention (DLP)?

29.05.2020 12:23:29 In Endpoint Protector (EPP)
With digital transformation and the explosion of digital data production, both in volume and velocity, new security risks appeared concerning sensitive information, and DLP tools became a core component of a company’s cybersecurity strategy.

ExaGrid EX21000E Test: Supereffizienter Backup-Speicher

15.04.2020 22:51:34 In ExaGrid
Massiver Scale-Out-Speicher mit hervorragenden Datenreduktionsraten und einer innovativen Landezone

Gehört eine Cyber-Versicherung bald zur Standard-Absicherung?

09.04.2020 04:33:55 In Endpoint Protector (EPP)
Durch Cyberversicherungen lassen sich die wirtschaftlichen Folgen erfolgreicher Cyberangriffe begrenzen.

ExaGrid / Amontec Aufruf zum Handeln: COVID19

31.03.2020 05:45:43 In ExaGrid
Eine Vielzahl von Geschäftsprozesse wird an die Telearbeit angepasst wodurch der Speicherbedarf (sowohl primär als auch sekundär) und die Aufbewahrung erhöht werden.

Why Enterprises Need a DLP Solution

31.03.2020 05:22:37 In Endpoint Protector (EPP)
Let’s take a closer look at the benefits DLP solutions can bring to enterprises’ cybersecurity frameworks.

How to Securely Use USB Flash Drives

30.03.2020 05:15:15 In Endpoint Protector (EPP)
How to Securely Use USB Flash Drives