Endpoint Protector produkt / modul videos

The EPP modules impress with their ease of use, clear user guidance and are fully integrated in the EPP WEB console. The following videos give a first visual impression and show some selected options of these software modules. If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Linux Endpoints

DLP Security

How Endpoint Protector ensures the DLP security of your data on LINUX endpoints.


Rights in Endpoint Protector

Right allocation

How to configure and assign rights in Endpoint Protector.


Content Aware Protection


Create a Content Aware Protection (CAP) policy with Endpoint Protector.


CAP for MacOS

(CAP for MAC)

Content Aware Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Mac OS X.


HOW eDiscovery works


eDiscovery scans and identifies the sensitive information on the company's endpoints and enables administrators to take corrective actions such as encrypting or deleting data at rest.


HOW CAP works


With Content Aware Protection, organizations have granular control over sensitive information that leaves the organization's computers.


HOW Device Control works


Learn how to lock, control, and monitor USB and peripheral ports to prevent data theft and loss.


HOW Enforced Encryption works


Enforced encryption enables IT administrators to extend their device control policy and ensure that all confidential data transferred to USB storage devices is automatically encrypted.

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