Service for ISO 27001 - Annex A.15.1 & Annex A.15.2

Vom Zeitpunkt der Lieferanten Risiko Bewertung zur kontinuierlichen Überwachung übergehen.

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Going from a point-in-time vendor risk assessment to continuous monitoring.

The Annex A.15 is about how to protect, assess and control your data at 3rd parties. With this service we look at the type of data, the means of access and the risk in order to set up a solid Vendor Management framework in accordance with the ISO 27001.

So you can gain control and insight over the risk that your 3rd parties pose to your organisation.

Our yearly service will help you set up a framework and take a tiered approach to your 3rd party Risk management. All in accordance with the ISO 27001 and all done on a 24x7 basis.

Our Service includes:

  • 3rd party risk monitoring 24x7.

  • 3rd party framework according to ISO 27001.

  • Assessments needed for ISO 27001 taken care of.

  • Monthly extensive reporting on 3rd parties.

  • 3rd party comparison service.